How did
Three Little Doves
Come Alive

Who are we? You ask, well we are a small online only business, that sells furniture, homewares, books related to homes, interiors and giftware for the home. We are locally based in Sydney, Australia.

The idea of Three Little Doves came from an urge of wanting to learn more about home products and furniture while finishing the last few modules in Interior Design. While juggling around studies and life to life things, between them i played around with a few ideas and came up with selling targeted products leaning towards the Hampton style look and coastal and rattan theme, while focusing on these type of products we will be experimenting with other ideas and styles to make Three Little Doves a lot better and cater for a certain niche.

While having fun with the idea of owning my own online store i had to decide where i was going to store the inventory and will i need a large or small space room to store them, so happens, this thing called drop-shipping came along and gave me another idea to put my previous freelance website and graphic design skills to use and while doing so i can also help suppliers and resellers to get there products out there to the world and get a working relationship between supplier and business going. So then Three Little Doves started……….

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Well when you look at it dropshipping is quite the same as all other business, minus one thing, we do not hold the inventory, what Three Little Doves do is we try to maximise the returns on the investment for the supplier by advertising and marketing the product(s), to the whole world to see. Below is what we try to achieve as a business in this type of area

The aim of Three Little Doves

  • We aim to responds to customers questions or enquiries in a timely matter, whether it be via online or social media
  • Even though we offer a credit card payment system for you, as a additional and safe way, we also added paypal. We are currently looking at other forms of payments.

The aim of dropshipping goods and products to customers

  • Three Little Doves, likes to keep its inventory up to date and making sure that what is displayed online is what the supplier has and he/she can send to customers.
  • We research to find the best and quickest way of getting the products from supplier and into the customers hands as fast and possible. By researching what the supplier can provide and what is out in the freight/courier industry.
  • Our products listed on Three Little Doves are researched in price and matched or are lower to what is actually selling online, one good thing about dropshipping!
  • We always try to use locally sourced suppliers, wholesalers and resellers to give you the best and fastest products to you, not only is this a good thing but we are also supporting and helping the community, keeping people in work